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Mark Thomas Taylor was born in the UK to English father and Thai mother. His childhood was spent living throughout the world in countries such as Fiji, Barbados, the US, the UK and Indonesia. Living in so many cultures has enriched Mark and the way he views the world in a very personal way.

He graduated high school in Washington DC at the Washington International School and went on to study his Art Foundation and Bachelor’s Degree in his home city, London.

After graduation he moved back to the US where he designed for Abercrombie & Fitch and then moved to their London based trend team.  From Abercrombie & Fitch Mark went on to design for British heritage 
brand Henri Lloyd where he was brought in by their new creative director Craig Prest to help with a total rebrand. Within the first season Mark successfully turned HL Jeans co, their younger brand, into a global name stocking throughout Europe and the Middle East as well as growing their wholesale and retail customer base domestically in the UK.

With this successful experience under his belt Mark took time away from fashion to research for his own brand and do some charity work in his mothers native Thailand where he travelled through the North East 
working with the Anglo Thai Foundation. This trip was also an opportunity for Mark to research his own concept for his new brand Mark Thomas Taylor.

Mark Thomas Taylor was launched in March 2012 with its first collection. The brand has had amazing press and exposure in this short period of time and has already featured in music videos for The Saturdays, Krafy Kuts, Mr. Smith & Kerem and has featured in photoshoots with upcoming artists like Conor Maynard. Currently Mark is endorsing new bands such as The Special K’s who are due to release their album this year as well as Seye Adelekan and The Vuvuvultures. 


  • Black Flecked Overshirt
  • MTT | Black Flecked Overshirt
  • Classic Oxford Shirt
  • MTT | Classic Oxford Shirt
  • Destroyed Skinnies
  • MTT | Destroyed Skinnies
  • Dirty Skinnies
  • MTT | Dirty Skinnies
  • Indigo Shirt
  • MTT | Indigo Shirt
  • Midnight Tee
  • MTT | Midnight Tee
  • Muscle Tank
  • MTT | Muscle Tank
  • Muscle Tee
  • MTT | Muscle Tee
  • Muscle Tee Blue Marl
  • MTT | Muscle Tee Blue Marl
  • Rawman Skinnies
  • MTT | Rawman Skinnies
  • River Tee
  • MTT | River Tee
  • Twilight Tee
  • MTT | Twilight Tee