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Born and raised in Lancashire England, Charlotte has grown up in a very creative family of artists and musicians. Her passion for art and design started at an early age. Consumed by painting, drawing dressmaking, Charlotte also worked in the family fourth generation art store. Her creative work took her to study BA Hons in costume and set design at Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Following that Charlotte continued to work as a freelance designer, illustrating and creating unique costume and fashion pieces for clients.

An opportunity in Bali Indonesia, took Charlotte to the other side of the world where she was immersed into a hub of creatives. She spent her time there working as a print designer, drawing inspiration from the culture and natural environment. Her dream of starting her own label was realised in Bali where she began to put together her design ideas for the exclusive fashion accessories. Charlotte has now returned to Europe, living and working between London and Berlin.

The debut collection focuses on Charlotte's visual perception of 'All Things Bright and Beautiful'. Nature, fauna and flora, travel, personal treasures and jewels. The hand drawn illustrated scarves focus on luxury 'art to be worn'. A diverse range of silk scarves, made in the region of Lake Como, Italy. The silk industry in Como is world famous. It is influenced by a three century long tradition of top quality and perfection in silk products. The emphasis on the collection is on classical quality and design which can work all the year round.

  • Ruby Gem
  • Misty Gem
  • Iris Grey
  • Iris Lavender
  • CHARLOTTE HUDDERS | Iris Lavender
  • Ice Blue Diamonds and Daisies
  • CHARLOTTE HUDDERS | Ice Blue Diamonds and Daisies
  • Lemon Flamingo
  • CHARLOTTE HUDDERS | Lemon Flamingo
  • Pink Flamingo
  • CHARLOTTE HUDDERS | Pink Flamingo
  • Golden Diamonds and Daisies
  • CHARLOTTE HUDDERS | Golden Diamonds and Daisies
  • Peachy Blossom
  • CHARLOTTE HUDDERS | Peachy Blossom
  • Silver Blossom
  • CHARLOTTE HUDDERS | Silver Blossom